‘Copyright Troll’ Must Pay $60k Extra to Compensate Wrongfully Accused ‘Pirate’


‘Copyright Troll’ Must Pay $60k Extra to Compensate Wrongfully Accused ‘Pirate’

Adult entertainment company Malibu Media continues to dig itself into a deeper hole. After it failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars to a man who was wrongfully accused of movie piracy, the company’s assets were restrained. And after a dramatic hearing last week, the total amount owed has more than doubled to $108,271.

x-artIn recent years, adult entertainment outfit Malibu Media has often been described as a copyright-trolling operation.

The company, known for its popular “X-Art” brand, has gone after thousands of alleged file-sharers in U.S. courts, collecting millions of dollars in settlements.

Most accused pirates don’t put up a fight, but occasionally one does. They include Mr. W.M. who filed a counterclaim and demanded that Malibu should back up its claim with the digital evidence that led to their piracy accusation.

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