Copyright & Piracy News Brief #1 | Extra News, Views & Updates From TF


Copyright & Piracy News Brief #1 | Extra News, Views & Updates From TF

Documenting copyright trends relevant to the global piracy and anti-piracy landscapes, and what happens when everything inevitably collides, is what TorrentFreak aims to do, week in and week out. However, interesting pieces of information often go unpublished, mostly due to time constraints. Starting today, we’ll begin sharing recently spotted news that for one reason or another, didn’t quite make it.

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Mid-January 2023, MindGeek subsidiary MG Premium sued Nguyen Hoi, the alleged operator of unlicensed adult streaming site, (2:23-cv-00349-CBM-PVC – MG Premium Ltd v. Nguyen Hoi)

Data from Google’s Transparency portal reveals that MG filed over 5.6 million DMCA takedown notices hoping to make the site less visible. On November 6, 2023, a California district court handed down a permanent injunction and ordered the defendant to pay MG Premium a cool $117,270,000 in statutory copyright damages.

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