Copyright Holders Score ‘Dynamic’ Pirate Site Blocking Order in Argentina


Copyright Holders Score ‘Dynamic’ Pirate Site Blocking Order in Argentina

A national court in Buenos Aires, Argentina, requires local Internet providers to block thirty pirate streaming services. The dynamic blocking order sets an important precedent, local anti-piracy outfit Alianza stresses. Blocklist updates are no unnecessary luxury either, as many of the targeted domains were already outdated before the measures went live.

argentinaOver the years, copyright holders have tried a multitude of measures to curb online piracy, with varying levels of success.

Site blocking has emerged as one of the preferred solutions. While blocking measures are not perfect, they can pose a large enough hurdle for casual pirates to choose legal options instead.

Blocking measures have spread around the world in recent years and have now arrived in Argentina. After filing a complaint last year, local anti-piracy group Alianza is now celebrating a big win after local ISPs were instructed to block 30 pirate streaming sites.

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