Copyright Holder Wants the Term “Troll” Banned at Piracy Trial


Copyright Holder Wants the Term “Troll” Banned at Piracy Trial

Hundreds of thousands of pirating BitTorrent users have been sued over the years. These cases rarely ever make it all the way to trial but, in a Florida court, this is about to happen. Before the trial starts, however, several outstanding issues have to be decided, including the use of the term “copyright troll” before the jury.

stop banOver the past several years, adult entertainment company Strike 3 Holdings has filed thousands of cases in U.S. federal courts.

These lawsuits target people whose Internet connections were allegedly used to download and share copyright-infringing content via BitTorrent.

Many of these cases result in private settlements and are never heard of again. On occasion, however, a defendant decides to push back and a case filed against a “John Doe” at a Florida federal court is now heading to trial.

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