‘Copycat’ Pirate Site Owner Surrenders 48 Domains (Movies Not Included)


‘Copycat’ Pirate Site Owner Surrenders 48 Domains (Movies Not Included)

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment has shut down a pirate site ring that attracted millions of visitors by mimicking popular piracy brands. An impressive haul of 48 domains that generated 270 million visits will soon be under ACE ownership, handed over by one man who operated them all. Is that really feasible? Absolutely.

ace seizedAnother week and yet another announcement from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment revealing the demise of even more pirate sites.

ACE says the ring it has just taken down focused on the Spanish-language market and attracted significant traffic using a familiar technique. Instead of creating unique branding for each site, domain names were named as closely as possible to effectively mimick pre-existing piracy brands.

In a world where branded sites such as The Pirate Bay or RARBG are downranked or even removed from Google search completely, filling the vacuum with a similar-sounding domain can reap dividends. ACE says this particular ring clocked up 271 million visits over the past two years. On average, they enjoyed 16.5 million visits per month during the last three months.

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