Company ‘Hijacks’ Blender’s CC BY-Licensed Film, YouTube Strikes User


Company ‘Hijacks’ Blender’s CC BY-Licensed Film, YouTube Strikes User

Blender releases its films under Creative Commons licenses because it wants them to be shared, remixed, and reshared. Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz is the co-founder of an AI driver safety company and a film music composer and producer. When a TV channel in Uzbekistan claimed ownership of a Blender film, YouTube gave Ruiz a copyright strike and rejected every appeal.

caminandesThe Blender Institute develops Blender, a free and open source 3D graphics tool used to create animated films.

“Blender is Free Software. Free to Use. Free to Change. Free to Share. Free to Sell Your Work,” a statement from Blender reads.

The team at Blender Studio drive Blender development by providing help and training courses to Blender users in an open environment, sharing everything in public and making all content available under free licenses. They call themselves The Creators Who Share.

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