Columbia Pictures Targets “Spider-Man” Leak Coverage with DMCA Notice


Columbia Pictures Targets “Spider-Man” Leak Coverage with DMCA Notice

An anti-piracy outfit, acting on behalf of Columbia Pictures, asked Google to remove our news article on the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” leak. And that’s not the only error. The same notice targets several other news sites and even the website of competitor Sony Pictures is flagged as a pirate operation.

spiderIt’s perfectly understandable that copyright holders don’t want pirated copies of their work circulating online.

Most companies deal with this problem by sending DMCA takedown requests. These notices are often sent to sites and services that host content, but linking sites and search engines receive them as well.

Google search, for example, has processed takedown notices for more than 5 billion URLs over the past few years. Most of the reported links are indeed problematic but copyright holders continue to make glaring errors as well.

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