CloudStream-3 Piracy App Taken Down By Sky UK DMCA Notice


CloudStream-3 Piracy App Taken Down By Sky UK DMCA Notice

Popular open source Android app Cloudstream-3 allows people to watch movies and TV shows by aggregating content from dozens of major streaming sites. Following a DMCA takedown notice sent to Github on behalf of Sky UK, which complains about the availability of a single TV episode, Cloudstream-3’s main development repo has been consigned to history.

Pirate KeyOne criticism of legitimate streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video, involves content discovery. Even if people subscribe to all three, there’s no official way to carry out a unified search and view in one app.

This issue isn’t unique to legal platforms. Pirate sites also have their own libraries and while they’re nowhere near as restricted as their licensed counterparts, the ability to search multiple resources from one interface is definitely considered a big plus among users.

It’s a problem the CloudStream app attempted to solve.

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