Cloudflare Rejects Role as Internet or Piracy Police


Cloudflare Rejects Role as Internet or Piracy Police

Cloudflare suggests that it made a mistake by terminating the accounts of The Daily Stormer and 8Chan. These decisions made it harder for the company to defend itself against overbroad termination requests and invited a wave of follow-up demends, from activists to copyright holders. This isn’t a position Cloudflare wants to be in.

cloudflare logoIn 2017, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince decided to terminate the account of the controversial neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer.

“I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet,” he wrote at the time.

The company’s lawyers later explained that the move was meant as an “intellectual exercise” to start a conversation regarding censorship and free speech on the internet. However, external parties took this discussion in a different direction than the one Prince had planned.

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