Cloudflare DNS Must Block Pirate Sites, Italian Court Confirms


Cloudflare DNS Must Block Pirate Sites, Italian Court Confirms

Cloudflare’s latest appeal against a DNS-blocking injunction has been rejected. The Court of Milan found that since Cloudflare already blocks other content, restricting access to three torrent sites should be possible too. The internet infrastructure company hasn’t commented on the order but now faces the prospect of additional site-blocking requests in Italy.

1111Website blocking has become an increasingly common anti-piracy tool. ISPs in dozens of countries have been ordered by courts to block pirate sites.

More recently, these blocking requests have expanded to DNS providers as well. In Germany, for example, a court ordered DNS resolver Quad9 to prevent users from accessing the music piracy site

As one of the larger DNS resolvers, Cloudflare is also under fire. In Italy, several music companies, including Sony Music, Warner Music, and Universal, took Cloudflare to court, demanding the blocking of three torrent sites on the company’s freely available resolver.

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