Cloudflare Blocks Abusive Content on its Ethereum Gateway


Cloudflare Blocks Abusive Content on its Ethereum Gateway

Cloudflare is a content-neutral Internet infrastructure service. The company aims not to interfere with the traffic of its clients and users but, in some cases, it has to take action. This means responding to DMCA subpoenas and takedown requests for hosted content, for example. In addition, Cloudflare now reports it has blocked access to ‘abusive’ content on its Ethereum gateway.

cloudflare logoPopular Internet infrastructure service Cloudflare serves millions of customers and provides a variety of connectivity and privacy features to the general public.

People can freely use the company’s open DNS resolver, for example, or use its IPFS and Ethereum gateways to access content on these decentralized web services.

One of Cloudflare’s main aims is to make the Internet more secure while respecting the privacy of its users. This laudable goal is broadly respected but in common with other internet services, abuse of Cloudflare’s services can lead to conflicting situations.

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