Certified Anti-Piracy Coach Helps Piracy Addicts Go Legal


Certified Anti-Piracy Coach Helps Piracy Addicts Go Legal

With only a rapid heart rate, cold sweats, and acute anxiety for company, the cravings of acute piracy addiction leave a stark choice; call a therapist and beg for support, or gorge on pirated movies and TV shows, hurting the creators. A new campaign launched at the Cannes Film Festival aims to cure addicts using a certified anti-piracy coach offering legal content replacement therapy.

The insidious nature of a developing addiction often takes people by surprise, regardless of the substance involved, but especially when it’s freely available, all over the internet.

While an occasional copy-and-paste is known to alleviate boredom, peer pressure at a vulnerable moment can lead to a whole file or even an entire folder being permanently copied to a USB stick.

Most people feel no ill effects but for thrill-seekers, the instant high is over in moments, triggering a vicious cycle of increasingly risky copying and diminishing returns.

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