Can India’s Cinematograph Bill Kill Camcorder Piracy & Satisfy the U.S. ?


Can India’s Cinematograph Bill Kill Camcorder Piracy & Satisfy the U.S. ?

India’s Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill was introduced in 2019. The bill contained proposals to outlaw the recording of movies in theaters and criminalize unauthorized copying. Already approved by India’s Union Cabinet, the amended proposals have now moved to parliament. Whether India has done enough to satisfy the United States remains up for debate.

cinema-camming-For the last 40 years the Motion Picture Association has regularly highlighted the damage caused by in-theater recordings of the latest movies. And quite rightly so.

So-called ‘cam’ copies appear online within hours of movies first appearing in theaters, yet as piracy releases go, cams are unique in their ability to disappoint just about everyone. Not only do these often potato-quality copies somehow eat away at the box office, but filmmakers’ work is often reduced to a smear, and that disappoints pirates too.

The fact that unlicensed gambling ‘companies’ continue to use cams as a promotional vehicle leaves few obvious grounds to argue that the majority of cams benefit anyone at all. Yet camming persists in a number of countries, despite intense pressure from the United States demanding meaningful action against it.

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