Bungie Wins $12 Million in Damages From Veterancheats


Bungie Wins $12 Million in Damages From Veterancheats

Game developer Bungie has won a default judgment against the Romanian operator of cheat seller Veterancheats, who failed to appear in court after being sued two years ago. A federal court in Washington awarded nearly $12 million in DMCA and copyright infringement damages for the various Destiny 2 hacks that were sold through the site.

veterancheatsOver the past several years, a wave of copyright infringement lawsuits has targeted alleged cheaters and cheat makers.

Several game companies including Take-Two Interactive and Epic Games have taken cheaters to court in the United States. More recently, American video game developer Bungie has been rather active as well.

Bungie is known for the Halo and Destiny series, which have millions of fans around the world. The popularity of these games also attracts cheaters and cheat sellers so in an attempt to stop them, Bungie has filed several lawsuits in US federal courts.

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