Bungie & Ubisoft Reach $300,000 Settlement With Ring-1 Cheat Sellers


Bungie & Ubisoft Reach $300,000 Settlement With Ring-1 Cheat Sellers

In July 2021, Bungie and Ubisoft filed a lawsuit in the United States targeting alleged members of Ring-1, an online group behind Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Seige cheating tools. After more than a year of uncertainty, two people named in the complaint have now agreed to settle with the videogame companies for $300,000. The fates of two others remain uncertain.

Destiny 2In a market saturated with tens of thousands of games spanning dozens of genres, videogamers don’t have to look far to find the next big challenge to conquer.

For those with a desire to conquer but an aversion to putting in work, options are plentiful too.

Cheat vendors are rarely more than a few clicks away, and a few minutes after that, the joys of shooting fish in a barrel are replicated in the digital realm. In the physical realm, meanwhile, spotting lawyers through walls can be much more problematic.

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