Bungie & Teenage Destiny 2 Cheat Settle Differences With $500K Permaban


Bungie & Teenage Destiny 2 Cheat Settle Differences With $500K Permaban

A teenager who reportedly cheated in Destiny 2, evaded multiple bans, threatened Bungie employees, and generally made the developer’s life a nightmare, has reached a settlement with the gaming company. In addition to a laundry list of restrictions moderating his future behavior, the teenager has accepted Bungie’s $500,000 offer to put this matter behind them.

Destiny 2Bungie’s copyright infringement-based lawsuits against cheat makers, sellers, and those who use them, have divided opinion in unexpected ways.

While David vs. Goliath battles tend to have the masses cheering for the little guy, many videogame fans have grown tired of their enjoyment being spoiled by people who intentionally set out to spoil it.

The fact that many of these individuals pay out significant sums of money to gain an imaginary upper hand only serves to rub salt in the wounds. In one particularly malicious case, Bungie had clearly seen more than enough.

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