Bungie Sues Twitch-Streaming Destiny Cheater ‘MiffysWorld’ For Being Awful


Bungie Sues Twitch-Streaming Destiny Cheater ‘MiffysWorld’ For Being Awful

After targeting cheat sellers, game developer Bungie has now sued a US-based gamer who uses cheats. At least initially, Bungie believed it was dealing with just another ban-evading cheater but the investigation into Twitch-streamer ‘MiffysWorld’ turned up a lot more. As it turns out, expressing a desire to burn down Bungie’s offices wasn’t the worst thing discovered.

Destiny 2The RIAA was well within its legal rights when it sued thousands of file-sharers in the early 2000s. But it looked bad. Like really bad.

The sight of corporate lawyers crushing everyone from students to moms and dads was a PR disaster. In today’s social media-powered world, it would’ve been devasting.

Interestingly, a brand new lawsuit filed by Bungie against what initially seemed like an ordinary guy may actually end up having the opposite effect in its gaming community. It’s that bad.

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