Bungie Ask Court to Dismiss AimJunkies’ ‘False’ Hacking Claims


Bungie Ask Court to Dismiss AimJunkies’ ‘False’ Hacking Claims

Bungie has responded to the “hacking” claim submitted to the court last month by cheat developer AimJunkies. According to the game developer, these allegations are patently false and not properly pleaded either. Bungie asks the court to dismiss all counterclaims, arguing that the cheaters throw around untrue claims to see if they stick.

bungieOver the past several years waves of copyright infringement lawsuits have targeted alleged cheaters and cheat makers.

The legal battle between the American video game developer Bungie and AimJunkies.com is one of the most litigated cases thus far.

Last summer, Bungie filed a complaint at a federal court in Seattle, accusing AimJunkies of copyright and trademark infringement, among other things. The same accusations were also made against Phoenix Digital Group, the alleged creators of the Destiny 2 cheating software.

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