BREIN Tracks Down and Settles with Usenet Uploaders


BREIN Tracks Down and Settles with Usenet Uploaders

Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN is well aware of the latest piracy trends and the group knows its classics too. This week, BREIN reports that several Usenet uploaders have settled for thousands of euros after being tracked down. In recent weeks, four people associated with a NZB community were caught and all agreed to a private deal instead of going to court.

keysDutch anti-piracy group BREIN has targeted pirates of all shapes and sizes for the last quarter-century.

It’s also one of the few groups that systematically tracks copyright infringers on Usenet, one of the oldest file-sharing systems which still has millions of users.

BREIN has a long track record of going after Usenet indexing sites. These portals don’t host any infringing material on their servers but, much like torrent sites, they offer NZB files or ‘spots’ that make infringing material easy to find on Usenet.

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