Brazil’s Targets ‘Metaverse’ Piracy in Latest “Operation 404” Crackdown


Brazil’s Targets ‘Metaverse’ Piracy in Latest “Operation 404” Crackdown

Brazilian law enforcement agencies have announced the fourth wave of anti-piracy initiative “Operation 404.” The authorities blocked or shut down 226 websites and 461 piracy apps, while making several arrests. The Justice Department reports that, for the first time, anti-piracy efforts were also carried out in the ‘metaverse’; although it’s unclear what that means exactly.

404In the fall of 2019, Brazilian law enforcement agencies conducted a large anti-piracy campaign codenamed ‘Operation 404,’ referring to the well-known HTTP error code.

With help from law enforcement in the United States and the United Kingdom, the authorities took down more than a hundred sites and apps, while several suspects were arrested.

In the following years, several new waves of anti-piracy action followed. Under the banner “Operation 404.2” and “Operation 404.3” law enforcement authorities blocked or seized the domain names of hundreds of pirate sites and streaming apps.

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