Bogus DMCA Notices Sent to Google By Fake Google….To Protect Google?


Bogus DMCA Notices Sent to Google By Fake Google….To Protect Google?

If the title of this article has caused any confusion, please direct any blame towards the architects of some of the most absurd DMCA abuses of recent times. People with an apparent interest in delisting Android APK sites are sending bogus DMCA notices in Google’s name, ostensibly to protect Google’s rights. Who are they sending them to? Google, of course.

facepalmDMCA takedown notices give copyright holders the ability to remove copies of their content from websites that have no right to distribute them. Billions of similar notices target search engines that carry links to similarly infringing content.

Numerous scandals over the years have highlighted how sloppy notices have wrongfully targeted legitimate content but more worrying are those that appear to be calculated and malicious. These were once relatively rare but it now appears that some people view DMCA notices as the preferred weapon to silence rivals or disrupt their businesses.

Bogus notice senders sometimes impersonate known companies, Reddit for example, in order to appear more credible. But how far can they push this approach? Into the realms of the ridiculous, apparently.

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