Blizzard: No Piracy Filters? That’s Evidence of Intentional Infringement


Blizzard: No Piracy Filters? That’s Evidence of Intentional Infringement

A recent DMCA notice sent by Blizzard to Github demands the takedown of an avatar depicting the gaming company’s character ‘Chef Nomi’. While legally sound up to this point, Blizzard’s notice goes on to inform the coding platform that its failure to deploy piracy filtering technologies is “evidence of intentional facilitation of copyright infringement.” In Github’s case? Not even close.

epic failThis week marked the 10th anniversary of Google’s important decision to begin publishing DMCA takedown notices sent to the company.

Over the last decade, online platforms including Twitter, Wikipedia, Medium and Github joined this transparency movement by submitting their notices to the Lumen Database. This archive not only allows rightsholders to monitor trends relevant to them, but also shines light on how copyright can be abused to impede the free flow of information.

A DMCA notice we’re highlighting today is available thanks to Github’s transparency. The notice, sent by anti-piracy company Irdeto on behalf of Blizzard Entertainment, is verifiably legitimate and addresses a genuine case of copyright infringement.

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