Bing Removed 143 Million ‘Pirate’ Site URLs Last Year


Bing Removed 143 Million ‘Pirate’ Site URLs Last Year

In response to DMCA takedown requests, Bing removed more than 143 million links from its search engine in 2021. This represents a small increase compared to a year earlier. Interestingly, those piracy-related removals in Bing also impact the results of other search engines.

bingBing has a relatively small market share but that doesn’t mean that it’s being ignored by copyright holders.

Microsoft’s search engine processes millions of takedown requests per week on average and these numbers add up quickly.

Bing’s latest transparency report was published last week, allowing us to take a closer look at the latest trends. The data show that, in 2021, Bing was asked to remove more than 144 million URLs.

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