BeStreamWise: New IPTV Anti-Piracy Campaign Begins With Fake Site ‘Scam’


BeStreamWise: New IPTV Anti-Piracy Campaign Begins With Fake Site ‘Scam’

A new awareness campaign to deter use of pirate IPTV services has launched with curiously little fanfare. The BeStreamWise portal opens with the statement “Illegal Streams Let Criminals In” and even has its own fake IPTV service called MalStreams. The campaign is being orchestrated by Sky, Premier League, FACT, ITV, CrimeStoppers, and the UK Intellectual Property Office, among others.

bestreamwiseDozens of large anti-piracy awareness campaigns have come and gone over the years and while approaches have differed, there’s no confusion when it comes to their common goal.

With serious heavyweight backing, the new ‘BeStreamWise’ anti-piracy campaign aims to deter the use of pirate IPTV services in the UK. It deploys familiar techniques to shape public perception but right off the bat there’s an elephant in the room.

At least as far as we can determine, there have been no press releases heralding BeStreamWise, or indeed any other mainstream media efforts that could ensure maximum penetration for what is obviously an awareness campaign.

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