Belarus Legalizes Piracy of Movies, Music & Software of ‘Unfriendly’ Nations


Belarus Legalizes Piracy of Movies, Music & Software of ‘Unfriendly’ Nations

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has signed a new law that legalizes piracy of movies, music, TV shows and software owned by rightsholders from ‘unfriendly countries’. The law also allows goods protected by intellectual property law to be imported from any country without obtaining permission from rightsholders.

piracy encryptIn 1994, a new Belarusian constitution led to a democratic presidential election from which Alexander Lukashenko emerged as the country’s leader.

Lukashenko remains in power today due to a series of landslide election ‘victories’, a similar result in a referendum to remove presidential term limits, and the support of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

In 2021, Lukashenko ordered the hijacking of Ryanair Flight 4978. The United States responded by charging Belarusian officials with aircraft piracy. The Belarus dictator now has another type of piracy in mind that will lead to further isolation on the world stage.

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