Authors Sue NVIDIA for Training AI on Pirated Books


Authors Sue NVIDIA for Training AI on Pirated Books

Several authors have filed a class action copyright infringement lawsuit against technology giant NVIDIA, which leads the AI revolution. In addition to selling hardware and services, NVIDIA has its own large language models. The authors allege that the AI models were trained on copyrighted works taken from the ‘pirate’ site Bibliotik, and as such they’re entitled to compensation.

nvidia logoStarting last year, various rightsholders have filed lawsuits against companies that develop AI models.

The list of complainants includes record labels, book authors, visual artists, even the New York Times. These rightsholders all object to the presumed use of their work without proper compensation.

Many of the lawsuits filed by book authors come with a clear piracy angle. The cases allege that tech companies, including Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI, used the controversial ‘Books3’ dataset to train their models.

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