AT&T’s ‘Buggy’ Copyright Infringement Portal Frustrates Accused Pirates


AT&T’s ‘Buggy’ Copyright Infringement Portal Frustrates Accused Pirates

AT&T subscribers who are repeatedly accused of downloading pirated content risk having their accounts terminated. This can be prevented by following the instructions at AT&T’s dedicated copyright alert portal. However, due to technical issues, many subscribers are unable to “acknowledge” warnings and participate in the mandatory “copyright tutorial.”

att logoFor more than two decades, copyright holders have sent takedown notices to ISPs to alert account holders that their connections are being used to pirate content.

In the past, subscribers could simply ignore these warnings if they wanted, as there were virtually no repercussions.

AT&T and other ISPs publicly stated that they would never disconnect customers without a court order, arguing that only a court can decide what constitutes a repeat infringement.

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