Anti-Piracy Outfits Target TorrentFreak in PikaShow Crackdown


Anti-Piracy Outfits Target TorrentFreak in PikaShow Crackdown

Copyright holders are doing all they can to dissuade people from using the popular pirate streaming app PikaShow. In addition to criminal referrals, this also includes efforts to remove PikaShow references from Google’s search results. This isn’t without collateral damage, as TorrentFreak’s news reports are mistakenly flagged too.

pikashowDay in and day out, millions of people use pirate sites and services to download or stream movies and TV shows.

In recent years, a large percentage of this activity has taken place through apps that run on Android, the dominant operating system for phones and tablets globally.

These pirate apps come and go, but over the past year, Pikashow has made quite a name for itself. Word-of-mouth advertising helped the app to break through, and after becoming the official sponsor of the Afghan cricket team during Asia Cup 2022, its profile went mainstream.

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