Anti-Piracy Jobs From £10/hr to ‘Let’s Talk ££’, There’s No Shortage in the UK


Anti-Piracy Jobs From £10/hr to ‘Let’s Talk ££’, There’s No Shortage in the UK

An amusing irony of working an anti-piracy job is that people immediately render themselves redundant when they’re 100% effective. With that scenario unlikely to ever raise its head, anti-piracy jobs are in abundance. Whether you prefer site-blocking, IPTV disruption, or just want camcording movie pirates brought to justice, there is no shortage of jobs in the UK right now.

Pirate KeyAlongside the explosion of online piracy services over the last couple of decades, new anti-piracy companies have emerged offering to dampen down the flames.

Most have their own specialties and target markets, with some even claiming to be 99% or 100% effective in one area or another. The reality is that no sane person invests time and money into a company with a mission to ensure its own demise.

Anti-piracy services are effectively the weedkiller and deodorant of the internet – they may leave everything tidy and fresh today but there’s always a new and sometimes smelly infestation tomorrow. The battle never ends.

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