Amateur Anti-Piracy Professionals Make Bank Sending DMCA Notices


Amateur Anti-Piracy Professionals Make Bank Sending DMCA Notices

Anti-piracy company claims that online pirates make huge amounts of money is supposed to have negative connotations but for some it sounds more like an opportunity. There are drawbacks, of course, like not making any money at all or getting arrested. But what if there was a way to make a considerable amount of money from piracy, with almost zero risk?

dollars-sOver the past couple of decades, thousands of people have leveraged the masses of pirated content available online to make a few bucks here and there.

Others have thrown caution to the wind and set out in search of the big money. Launching full-blown pirate platforms or platforms that claim to be legitimate (but were actually full-blown pirate platforms), many believed that one day it would either be free drinks at the bar, or many years behind them. Could go either way, you never know.

Today’s pirate entrepreneurs have never had it so easy. Using pre-built sites and content APIs, committing to go full-pirate in the morning can mean running a site the same day. From there on, it’s just a simple case of keeping everything running, dealing with the whims of thousands of users, quashing a moderator mutiny three times a year, and the timeless classic, not getting sued or arrested. Simple.

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