‘AI-Powered’ Music Mixer Responds to RIAA Copyright Infringement Claims


‘AI-Powered’ Music Mixer Responds to RIAA Copyright Infringement Claims

The operator of several “AI” powered music mixer and extractor sites has responded to the RIAA’s copyright infringement allegations. The rebuttal admits that using popular artists to showcase its technology wasn’t smart so the references have been removed. However, the services themselves are not infringing. In fact, one of the core algorithms is created and publicly shared by Deezer.

RIAAEarlier this month, the RIAA shared its recommendations for the USTR’s annual review of overseas notorious markets.

The music group reported well-known targets such as The Pirate Bay, Newalbumreleases, MP3Juices, RARBG, and RapidGator, plus other piracy-related sites and services.

The RIAA also carved out a brand new category this year, labeled AI Based Extractors/Mixers. These ‘Artificial Intelligence’ powered sites can extract vocals or musical tracks from songs, or “master” a song based on the style of another.

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