Adobe Thinks it Can Solve Netflix’s Password ‘Piracy’ Problem


Adobe Thinks it Can Solve Netflix’s Password ‘Piracy’ Problem

As Netflix and similar legal streaming services come under pressure to maximize profits, ‘password piracy’ looks set to become a recurring news event in the months and years to come. Adobe believes that business opportunities exist and is offering its services. Tools include carrots and sticks, supported by intense monitoring of customer behavior.

netflix logoWhen online file-sharing hit the mainstream, entertainment company bosses tore out their hair in frustration.

They knew their products, ran tight businesses, and had the best possible grasp on the intricacies of their respective markets. Competing with ‘free’ was clearly impossible.

Today we know that by looking beyond the bare content, such as a music track or a movie, added value can be found in how content is presented, delivered, consumed, and ultimately appreciated by the customer. Legal content on its own may have problems competing with free, but as part of a premium content consumption experience, it’s not an absolute requirement.

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