ACE Wants Cloudflare to ‘Expose’ The Pirate Bay’s Operators


ACE Wants Cloudflare to ‘Expose’ The Pirate Bay’s Operators

Anti-piracy coalition ACE continues its crackdown on pirate sites with a series of new DMCA subpoenas. The targets of the latest wave include The Pirate Bay. ACE hopes that Cloudflare can help to identify the operators of the notorious torrent site. Whether this quest will result in any actionable information is unknown.

pirate bay logoThe Pirate Bay has been around for nearly two decades, which is quite an achievement considering the immense legal pressure it has faced over the years.

Swedish police tried to shut the site down, twice, raiding dozens of servers. This ultimate goal failed but local authorities did prosecute the site’s three co-founders, who all served time in prison for their involvement.

The notorious torrent site stood tall in the midst of this turmoil and continues to operate from until this day. While it is no longer the largest piracy site online, anti-piracy forces haven’t forgotten about it.

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