ACE Targets Flixtor ‘News’ Domain With a DMCA Subpoena


ACE Targets Flixtor ‘News’ Domain With a DMCA Subpoena

The Allliance for Creativity and Entertainment is trying to find out who’s operating the popular pirate streaming site Flixtor. After earlier attempts seemingly failed to provide any useful information, the group is now targeting the domain. This is an interesting move, as the domain describes itself as an unaffiliated news outlet that doesn’t carry hyperlinks to infringing content.

flixtorBy offering access to high quality movies and TV-shows, streaming site has become the go-to destination for many pirates.

The site is particularly popular in the United States and Canada, which together are good for roughly half of the site’s 26 million monthly visits estimated by SimilarWeb.

This traffic hasn’t gone unnoticed by Hollywood and other major content creators. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), which counts Apple, Disney, HBO, Netflix and Sony among its members, has been trying hard to track down the site’s operators.

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