ACE Shuts Down Popular Pirate Sites, 27+ ‘Instant Pirate Sites’ Fall Over


ACE Shuts Down Popular Pirate Sites, 27+ ‘Instant Pirate Sites’ Fall Over

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, in partnership with TrueVisions, Thailand’s leading pay-tv provider, announced the shutdown of all domains associated with two popular pirate sites. ACE has labeled one of the targets a Piracy-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform, which enabled anyone to become an instant owner and operator of a pirate site. In this case, ‘anyone’ only applies to people with $225 to spend.

ace-film-sIn the final days of 2023 as people were preparing to welcome in the new year, yet more pirate domains were being redirected or transferred into the hands of the MPA, presumably as part of a settlement agreement.

Among them were,, and, relatively popular streaming platforms targeting the Thai market. We gave the news a brief mention at the time but since MPA/ACE have certain procedures to follow, the official announcement was published yesterday.

It reveals that in addition to the above, several other domains were also rendered inoperable including, and, described by ACE as a back-end domain that hosted a “vast collection of U.S. and international TV shows and movies” estimated to contain around 78,000 titles.

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