9anime Rebrands to AniWave Citing Legal Troubles


9anime Rebrands to AniWave Citing Legal Troubles

9anime.to, one of the world’s largest piracy sites, has suddenly rebranded to Aniwave.to. The unexpected change comes as a surprise to the streaming portal’s millions of users. According to the operators, the switch is motivated by site-blocking efforts and DMCA issues, but could there be more to the story?

aniwave-logoTwo decades ago, most piracy activity was centered around music. When broadband capacity grew, movies and TV series eventually took over and they remain most popular today.

Within the video piracy category, anime has become a significant traffic magnet. Today, there are many piracy sites specializing in anime, with the largest serving millions of pageviews per day.

9anime is one of these anime piracy juggernauts. The streaming portal first appeared on the scene in 2016 and has thrived ever since. According to recent estimates from SimilarWeb, the site is good for 110 million monthly visits.

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