80 Pirate IPTV Sellers Face $3.5m Bill After Failing to Charge Customers VAT


80 Pirate IPTV Sellers Face $3.5m Bill After Failing to Charge Customers VAT

Millions of people have moved away from traditional broadcasters and embraced the world of pirate IPTV, where content is plentiful, cheap, and mostly illegal. Pirate suppliers are able to undercut their legal counterparts for numerous reasons, including doing away with irritations such as adding VAT to customers’ bills. After attracting attention from tax authorities, 80 pirate IPTV sellers now face a $3.5m tax bill, but the bad news is unlikely to stop there.

iptv2-sIn recent years, rightsholders in Sweden have reported significantly increased consumption of pirate IPTV services, and law enforcement’s inability to tackle the problem due to a lack of funding.

Complaints like these are nothing new for rightsholders or indeed anyone else in Europe; when resources are already stretched, it’s inevitable that some crimes will be considered less of a priority than others.

But while there’s insufficient funding for police to tackle pirate IPTV suppliers in Sweden, resources are available to investigate those committing the greatest crime of all; generating money by criminal means but failing to surrender the government’s share of the spoils.

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