6,500 IPTV Pirates Identified After Accessing Police-Controlled Service


6,500 IPTV Pirates Identified After Accessing Police-Controlled Service

Police in Italy have revealed details of an operation against pirate IPTV services and subscribers. In addition to targeting around 500 ‘pirate’ sites, servers, and Telegram channels, police say IT specialists were able to identify 6,500 people who accessed a pirate IPTV platform under police control.

beesFor the past several years, authorities in Italy have regularly announced operations that aimed to disrupt the supply and use of pirate IPTV services.

After a series of similar actions, in 2021 it was claimed that ‘Operation Black Out‘ had shut down a network responsible for around 80% of the illegal supply in the country. This January, another operation led to the claimed dismantling of a network servicing 500,000 customers.

These reported successes may have disrupted supply but rightsholders are still unhappy. Last week, CEO of football league Serie A blamed IPTV pirates for a 300 million euro black hole in revenues, something that may have played a role in Italian authorities conducting a new crackdown with an unusual component.

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