$32.5m Pirate IPTV Lawsuit Must Be Dismissed Due to ‘Encrypted Traffic’


$32.5m Pirate IPTV Lawsuit Must Be Dismissed Due to ‘Encrypted Traffic’

A $32.5m copyright infringement lawsuit filed by DISH Network claims that CDN company DataCamp failed to prevent several pirate IPTV providers from pirating its content, even after receiving hundreds of DMCA notices. DataCamp has just informed the court that since it’s unable to monitor encrypted traffic, there is no liability and the lawsuit must be dismissed.

encryptionDISH Network’s campaign against the pirate IPTV ecosystem is large but also unique. Anyone involved, from the biggest fish to the smallest fry, is a potential target.

From those who capture or distribute streams to those who sell, resell, or buy them, DISH and partner Nagrastar can easily come up with a tailored cash settlement or a full-blown lawsuit. For any entity facilitating any of the above, the same also holds true.

In February, DISH filed a lawsuit at an Illinois district court against UK-based CDN/hosting company DataCamp (d/b/a CDN77 and DataPacket). The broadcaster claimed that IPTV providers Banjo TV, Bollywood IPTV, Comstar TV, Express IPTV, Gennie TV, Gold TV, IPGuys, Istar, Red IPTV, Sky IPTV, and Zumm TV, used DataCamp services that were designed with IPTV/OTT delivery in mind.

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