‘£1m’ Pirate TV Box Seller Avoids Prison Due to Private Prosecution Delays


‘£1m’ Pirate TV Box Seller Avoids Prison Due to Private Prosecution Delays

A man who sold “thousands” of piracy-configured TV boxes to customers in the UK has avoided prison, despite claims he generated up to £1 million. Jordon Longbottom faced a private criminal prosecution brought by the Federation Against Copyright Theft but avoided a custodial sentence after the case failed to be brought in a timely fashion. Overcrowding in UK prisons was also taken into consideration, undermining claims that small-time pirates risk custodial sentences.

fact-iptv-courtTV drama ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’ tells the story of the Post Office ‘Horizon’ scandal and the lives torn apart by 700 “successful” private prosecutions of entirely innocent self-employed subpostmasters.

After the miniseries was seen by millions earlier this month, private prosecutions – which allow alleged victims of crime to prosecute their own criminal cases – are now a topic of national debate. As a result, the government is under pressure to act against what some believe is an emerging two-tier justice system.

Where the state lacks prosecution resources, capability, or both, and in fraud cases in particular, those with significant financial resources can obtain justice privately. Regular citizens, on the other hand, can not.

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