1Fichier Held Liable After Failing to Remove Pirated Nintendo Games


1Fichier Held Liable After Failing to Remove Pirated Nintendo Games

Nintendo is claiming victory in its legal battle with Dstorage SAS, the company behind 1fichier.com. The videogame giant took legal action after the file-hosting site failed to remove pirated copies of games. After a French court handed Nintendo a victory in 2021, the court of appeal has now confirmed that Dstorage incurred liability when it failed to remove infringing content, so must pay Nintendo €442,750 in damages.

nintendoEver since its launch in 2009, rightsholders have complained that file-hosting platform 1fichier.com fails to take intellectual property rights seriously.

1fichier operates a “freemium” business model which allows users to access the platform for free and then pay a fee to have various restrictions removed. 1fichier allows user content to be accessed via links posted elsewhere, meaning that when users upload infringing content, links render that content available to the public.

Rightsholders have publicly criticized the platform for more than a decade, claiming that 1fichier’s response to takedown notices is minimal – in some cases amounting to a compliance rate of just 0.12%.

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