1337x’s Search is Broken, Can’t Find Recent Torrents


1337x’s Search is Broken, Can’t Find Recent Torrents

1337x.to, one of the world’s most-visited torrent sites, has trouble finding recent torrents. While uploaders continue to add new content to the site, the broken search function only shows files that were uploaded on or before April 10th. Thus far, the site’s operator has yet to comment on the technical problem.

1337x1337x.to is the go-to destination for many seasoned BitTorrent users. The site has been around for fifteen years and is home to many reputable uploaders.

Over the years 1337x has steadily climbed through the ranks, building a stable and loyal userbase.

With over 60 million monthly visits to its main domain name, 1337x is currently the second most used torrent site, trailing only behind YTS.mx, while beating The Pirate Bay. This also means that if something breaks, people take notice.

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