TDUK’s FireOS7 APP Shortcuts Library

There appears to be a bug on select Amazon Fire TV devices that prevents the icon of some sideloaded apps to display correctly on the Home screen and Apps screen. Instead of the app icon appearing, a gray icon with a slash through it appears. The bug seems to only affect apps that store their APK icon in a specific way, which is why some sideloaded apps are not affected.

If you install a shortcut to the application then that will always show the correct logo (even if you update the app)

(Shortcuts at the bottom of the page)

1. From the Main Menu scroll to hover over Settings.

hover over settings

2. Click My Fire TV.

click my fire tv

3. Choose Developer Options.

choose developer options

4. Click Apps from Unknown Sources.

click apps from unknown sources

5. Choose Turn On.

choose turn on

6. Go to About — Network and confirm your IP Addresss

Install the APK from the link below

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TDUK’s APK Shortcuts

Aurora Store
Fast Task KillerFast Task Killer Analytics - App Ranking and Market Share in Google Play  Store | SimilarWeb
Mi Xplorer
Peacock TV
Tubi TV
MX Player Pro

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