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Private Internet Access to Be Acquired by Kape

News Popular VPN provider Private Internet Access (PIA) is set to be acquired by Kape Technologies. This will transform the company into a major player in the VPN industry. The deal has sparked a lively debate about Kape’s intentions and PIA’s future, but the company stresses that it remains committed to protecting the privacy of […]

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US Court Shields Internet Subscribers From Futile Piracy Complaints

For more than a decade, alleged file-sharers around the world have been pressured to pay significant settlement fees. These so-called ‘copyright-trolling’ efforts are pretty straightforward. Copyright holders obtain a list of ‘pirating’ IP-addresses and then request a subpoena from the court, compelling ISPs to hand over the associated customer data. This scheme can be rather […]

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Police: Scam Streaming Sites Are Exploiting Internet Users

Police in Germany have issued another warning after scam streaming sites trapped users into paying useless subscriptions of more than 350 euros. The sites, which closely resemble pirate streaming portals but claim to be legitimate, number more than 220 according to police. Some believe that the players involved are linked to an earlier piracy settlement […]

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ISPs: We’re Definitely Not the Internet Police, Until We Decide We Should Be

On several occasions over the years, TorrentFreak has reported on file-sharing platforms being blocked by ISPs, apparently for no reason at all. On later examination, however, we’ve discovered that organizations such as the UK’s Internet Watch Foundation charity have sometimes collaborated with ISPs to implement blocks, after child exploitation material was found on online platforms. […]