Save Downloads Direct To USB (All Amazon Devices!)

The Amazon Fire Stick is a great device for downloading apps and streaming shows and music. However, like any storage device, the Fire Stick has its limits. On the 4K firestick you can expand the storage using some ADB commands but this does not work on the FireOS5 devices. However, we can use a simple process which works on all devices to save our downloads to USB

(APK at the bottom of the page)

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( Software at bottom of the page )

Open ADM

Press the back button and head over to the settings

Click on downloading

click on Folder for files

Click on SD Card

Choose your USB Drive

Click on “Create a new folder”

Create a new folder for your downloads

Select the new folder

Press the home key

Open your favourite streaming app

Change the Internal download manager to External.

If you don’t see this option, change the default Play option “Open With”

Software Needed

  1. ADM Mod Lite

See the step by step guide here