Launcher Managers For Android TV / FireOS 6+

Finally we have a process to use a customer Launcher on Android TV / FireOS 6+ devices with no manual typing needed.

I have tested this process on the latest Firmware 8.2.1 Shield TV Pro and also the new Chromecast Google TV

(APK at the bottom of the page)

Steps to confirm your Device IP address and confirm ADB is enabled:

  1. Go to settings — Device preferences — About

2. Inside the About page, scroll down to Build and press select 7 times

3. Press the back button and scroll down to “Developer options”

Find Network Debugging in the list and turn it on:

Install the APKs below and then open up the Launcher Manager

Click on Launcher Options and then Enable Custom Launcher

Check Always allow and click OK

Press the home key and you will see

Select Wolf and choose Always if you always want your device to launch Wolf Launcher when you press the home key.

If you want to restore the stock launcher, open up the Launcher manager again

Click on Disable Custom launcher


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Software Needed

Choose a Launcher Manager depending on your device (Ensure you choose the correct one)

Launcher Manager (Shield TV )

Launcher Manager (Chromecast Google TV) Use this for Any Android TV 10 Device

Launcher Manager FireOS 1.1.5 (Feb 2022)

Fire TV Settings

Launch On Boot (Use this to start Wolf launcher on devices that can’t use LM any more)

Install the latest version of Wolf for your device (Make sure you have this already on your device before disabling stock launcher !!

Wolf Launcher 0.1.9 (July 2021)

Leanback on Fire 1.51 All credit to Tsynik

Aerial Views (Apple 4K Screensaver)

MiXplore (File Manager)

LeanKey Keyboard

Weather Widget (YoWindow)

Wallpaper 1

Wallpaper 2

More wallpapers

How to enable widgets On Wolf (The command is ONLY for Android TV Devices)

Use Remote ADB shell on your device to make a connection.

once connected enter in the following command

appwidget grantbind --package com.wolf.firelauncher --user 0

You can now install some applications (Weather / clock etc) that support widgets. The one used in my video is from Aptoide TV:

This will give a result like:

See the process in action here