Install PrimeOS On MiniPC / ThinClient

Software needed

  1. Rufus
  2. PrimeOS


  1. Download both of the required software to your PC.
  2. Open Rufus

Select your PrimeOS ISO. I used the standard version of the ISO on my HP T520. If you have older hardware, then use the Classic ISO.

Ensure you have selected the correct USB drive. Leave the partition scheme as MBR and the rest of the options as default.

Click on Start to burn the ISO image on to your USB Drive

Once that has completed, take the USB drive out and put it in one of the USB 3.0 ports at the front of the T520.

Power on the unit but keep pressing the ESc Key

You will then see the Startup menu

The option you want is F10.

Inside the BIOS, go to Storage and then boot order

Change it so the USB Hard drive is at the top

Press F10 to save and then head over to Security — Secure Boot configuration

In here, ensure that legacy support is enabled and Secure boot is disabled

Press F10 to save and then go back and select the option to save changes and Exit

Your device will now boot from the USB hard drive and you will see the PrimeOS menu

If you want to try PrimeOS without making any changes to your system then select the “Live CD” option.

However as we want to install it to the hard disk, select the Advanced options

Scroll down and select PrimeOS Auto Install to a specified hard disk

You will then see all of the hard drives and USB sticks in your system

Ensure you select your internal harddrive (normally sda). This will then do a complete format of your harddrive and then install PrimeOS for you.

Once done, you will see this option

Select the reboot option and remove the USB stick from your device.

Once PrimeOS boots, you will see this

Enter in those details and you will see the PrimeOS home screen

Watch the process here