Install Google TV Launcher On Shield / Android TV

Along with the new Chromecast this week, Google TV has arrived based on the Android TV we’ve come to know over the past few years. Like Android TV, the “Google TV Home” launcher has been placed in the Play Store for easy updates.

“LauncherX” is the new homescreen app for Google TV that ships with the latest Chromecast. It’s live now in Google Play carrying version number 1.0.331643392, the same icon as Android TV Home. Follow the steps below to get this launcher working on your Android TV Device

(APK at the bottom of the page)

Steps to confirm your Device IP address and confirm ADB is enabled:

  1. Go to settings — Device preferences — About

2. Inside the About page, scroll down to Build and press select 7 times

3. Press the back button and scroll down to “Developer options”

Find Network Debugging in the list and turn it on:

Install all the APK’s below and then press home and launch Remote ADB Shell (You need to use sideload launcher to start it or from my apps)

If you are doing this direct on the device you can leave the IP address as above. If you doing this from a phone / computer then you need to enter in your IP address of your Shield

You will see this prompt if this is the first time you are making an ADB connection:

Check Always allow and click OK

Open up the Shield TV Remote App on your mobile/cell phone

Click on the Remote on the bottom left and then click on the keyboard symbol

Enter the following command to disable the stock launcher

pm disable-user --user 0

Press the home key and you will see

Select Home and choose Always if you always want your device to launch Google Home Launcher when you press the home key.

If you want to restore the stock launcher, enter the following command

pm enable

Software Needed

Google TV Launcher

Google TV Search Fix

Remote ADB Shell

See the process in action here