Hyperspin On Nvidia Shield With 200GB Pre-Configured Image

One amazing collection to turn your Nvidia Shield-TV into a retro gaming timewarp! This pack includes arcade games and major systems from the late 1970’s to the early 2000’s. This second release has major improvements in scope of the
collection and in terms of overall aesthetic. Each system was given a fleshing out, expanding most systems from 50 to 100 of the best games.  (excluding lynx with a limited game release, I tried to minimize repetition).

MAME has been given a lot of love by splitting out genres and decades into menu wheels, since Hyperspin Android does not support sublists at this time. The system preview videos feel more like trailers for the featured games with the game title displayed at the end. I extended the system videos to 5 minutes so when they are on in the background they are not as repetitive.

Creating this pack was a labor of love to send out to the gaming community. These games deserve to be enjoyed by everyone, and to be kept relevant and accessible for future generations. Emulation is an amazing way to do so.

I scoured the web for people referencing their favorite games in each system, or relied on top lists and critic rankings. It was a tiring process to filter out all of the working titles and the correct files for each emulator, but once complete it was spectacular to see all the systems dancing together perfectly. I hope this can be enjoyed, as is, without the hassle I had to sludge through.

All bios files are present within the rom folders. Configuring Retroarch to look for system files in the content directory solves bios related setup on these xml lists. The other stand-alone emulators do not require a bios file to function. Inside of the archive is a hyperspin folder which contains all the settings, media and rom files to launch Hyperspin on Android Shield-TV.

Made by Bandit

Systems included:

MAME collections!
–MAME Golden Era
–MAME 90s and Noughties
–MAME Fighter
–MAME Beat Em Up
–MAME Shoot Em Up
–MAME Run N Gun
–MAME Maze
–MAME Platform
–MAME Shooter
–MAME Driving
–MAME Sports
–MAME Puzzle
MAME romset
–Master list -343 games
–NES -077 games
–SNES -102 games
–N64 -089 games
–Gamecube -034 games
–Gameboy -070 games
–GB Color -088 games
–GB Advance -061 games
–Master Sys. -066 games
–Genesis -052 games
–Saturn -024 games
–Dreamcast -025 games
–Game Gear -046 games
–Playstation -109 games
–PSP -069 games
–Lynx -014 games

Software Needed:


1. Download the 200GB file and expand the contents in to a folder called Hyperspin on the root of your USB Drive / hard drive.

The root of my USB drive looks like:

2. Install using the supplied APK in emulators folder:
Dolphin Emulator

3. Install these required programs from the play store:
Mupen64PLUS FZ
Yaba Sanshiro
PPSSPP standard version

4. Install RetroArch from the link above (this is a custom version for Hyperspin)

5. Inside RetroArch, install the following cores:

Atari Lynx – Handy
MAME – 2010
NES – Nestopia
GB+ and GBC+ – mGBA (under gameboy advance)
Dreamcast – Reicast or Flycast
SMS, Genesis – Genesis Plus GX
Playstation – PCSX reARMed

6. Use the Dreamcast ini file, and replace the one in the Settings_Android folder of Hyperspin install directory.

Read the rest of the steps here

See the process in action here