How to Fix Set Orientation On Nvidia Shield Experience 9.x (March 2022)

On the latest Nvidia Shield Experience the ability to change the orientation of your apps is broken.

(APK at the bottom of the page)

Steps to confirm your Device IP address and confirm ADB is enabled:

  1. Go to settings — Device preferences — About

2. Inside the About page, scroll down to Build and press select 7 times

3. Press the back button and scroll down to “Developer options”

Find Network Debugging in the list and turn it on:

Install the 2 APKs below and then open up remote adb shell

Click on connect and then on the box below, click “Always allow” and OK

Check Always allow and click OK

Type in the command

wm set-fix-to-user-rotation disabled

Once the command has gone in, open up Set Orientation

Ensure its set to landscape and click on OK

Try out your apps that were not formatted properly before

Apps are now showing correctly !

Software Needed

Remote ADB Shell

Set Orientation

See the process in action here